Campground Pit Toilet Treatment

Improve the outdoor experience for campers

and Simplify maintenance.

Drop a one ounce water soluble pouch into a pit toilet each week to decompose solids, reduce odors, and make pump-outs much easier.

Non scented.  Will not attract bears.

Packaging:  A full pail containing about 380 loosly packed 1oz pouches. This is bulk packaging and not pre-packaged for retail.

Used to treat human waste in campground pit toilets. Pre-measured individual 1 oz. water soluble pouches each contain a minimum of 3,000,000,000 colony forming units (CFU) per gram sometimes referred as bacteria count.  This is truly industrial strength.  Septic system treatments found in retail stores typically have less than 100,000 CFU.

Bacillus and other microbes suspended in powdered form for sanitation, odor control and wastewater treatment applications.

Final product is lab tested before shipped to customer to ensure customer receives stated CFU and to ensure product does not contain Salmonella or E coli.

Microbes are nonpathogenic, do not contain formaldihyde, and do not corrode.  The product enhances BOD/COD removal, reduce solids and gases, reduce sludge bulking, keep waste flowable and liquefied, contain facultative (can live with or without oxygen) bacteria, are in spore form for extended shelf life, contain ingredients to enhance bacterial growth.