BioKix Plant Growth Bacillus–50 lb bulk powder


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Packaging:  25 lb. drum  |  Minimum Order is 10 pails.

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  • Plant Health
  • Nutrient Availability
  • Plant Growth Promotion
  • Soil Ecosystem Balance
  • Soil Remediation
  • Denitrification

Product helps improve and maintain a more balanced microbial ecosystem in the soil and Helps hydrolyze crude substrates in the soil making the nutrients more available to the plant.

This Bacillus blend provides activities across a variety of temperatures while also functioning within aerobic and facultative anaerobic conditions.

When soil lacks nutrients, BK-PGH-4B is sometimes combined with BioKix Micron Soil Nutrients. Micron is a blend of concentrated micronutrients designed to replenish and restore  micronutrients within a variety of microbial environments and provides over 100 essential vitamins minerals required to support microbial life.


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Price is for a 25 pound pale.  This is a bulk product and is not packaged in water soluble pouches.  We are excited to announce new bacillus strains that will further improve crop production. Customers are excited and demand is big. We are giving away free samples so our customers can test the product before buying it in bulk.  Send me a request for a sample and I will send while supplies last a small sample of product that you can test as you please.

Production application will be 33.43 pounds per acre.